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1. Alan Yates Music. This is an excellent website that offers a good range of products, services, and links. It’s run by extremely reliable and well-informed people (Alan and Alyson Yates). Alan is also an excellent player of the Banjo Uke.

2. The Banjo Ukulele Society. This is a new Society that has been set up for anyone who plays or has an interest in the Banjo Uke. It is suitable for people of of all ages and of all musical tastes. It’s available as a website and operates on various social media platforms.

3. This website is dedicated to the acoustic L-5’s that Gibson produced prior to World War II, with special emphasis on the original 16-inch model (surely one of the most beautiful guitars ever made!). If you are fortunate enough to own a pre-war L-5, or are simply a fan of vintage Gibson instruments, we hope that the information presented here will be of interest to you.

4. Coustii - A very useful site for starting to learn to play the Ukulele. Learn some basic Ukulele chords - and lots more.

5. - A nice site with a bit of everything for Ukulele players

6. The Chord Genome Project - Hundreds of easy Ukulele songs that all use the same three beginner chords. Great for players wanting to start playing songs quickly and easily.

7. Hawaiian Shirts Online (UK) - This company has an attractive selection of shirts that may well interest many Uke and Banjo Uke Players.


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